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Wakanda Nation is your one-stop platform for news, infotainment and online community interactions.

Wakanda Nation is owned and managed by Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.T. business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110.  Address: Block A47 Royal Estate, Galadimawa, Abuja.  Phone: +2347069694497.

Wakanda Nation provides you the ample and rare  opportunity to make money when you register and login, read our daily news, share our posts and interact with thousands of forum members.
So, don’t just read news, make money too!

Two Easy ways to make Money on Wakanda Nation:

There are two major ways to make cool money on Wakanda Nation and you can combine both options to maximize your earnings.

1. WADS. (wakanda adverts-revenue Sharing program)
Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.

Wakanda Nation have decided to give you part of the Money they make from advertisement if you participate actively in their forum.

Thus, You Earn:
A. N50 for daily login to your active account.
B. N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.
C. N1 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.
Register a FREE ACCOUNT HERE to earn money through WADS.

2. WAP. (Wakanda Affiliate Program.)
Wakanda affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join wakanda Nation. When you join Wakanda affiliate program, you:
  • Earn N1,000 for each person you refer to wakanda Nation affiliate program.
  • To register for wakanda Nation affiliate program, please Login to your normal account and click on “Affiliate Area” inside your Dashboard.
  • WAP has a One-time Registration fee of N1,300 only.
  • You can Pay online with your ATM CARD or Bank/mobile Transfer or Offline Bank Deposit.
All payments should go to Wakanda corporate account below:

Account Number: 1020843004
Account Name: Ladina Integrated Services.
Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA).

OR send $3.3btc to their wallet address:  1N3N59zm69riQvqFMjAPqKsaDCrKrtnkG5

Use your username as reference or depositor’s name when making payment for easy verification.

1. Payment of Earnings to members is done every SUNDAY.
2. Minimum withdrawal is N4,000.

See Links to Lists and Testimonies of our Payments Below:
  1. Wakanda Nation Payout List for Sunday, 10/06/2018
  2. Wakanda Nation Payout List for Sunday, 17/06/2018.

Can Someone Outside Nigeria Join Wakanda Income Program?

Yes, you can join wakanda nation from any part of the world. You can make payment for WAP with your Master/Verve/Visa or other Cards from any part of the world.

Wakanda Nation also accept bitcoin as payment means for international members.
Thus, you can pay for your Affiliate Account Activation using Bitcoin. Wakanda official Exchange Rate is N400/$ and that makes our Affiliate Account Activation Fee $3.3.

Send $3.3btc to this wallet address:  1N3N59zm69riQvqFMjAPqKsaDCrKrtnkG5

Your Earnings on Wakanda Nation will also be converted and paid to you using the same Exchange rate.

Anyone using bitcoin as means of receiving payment should provide his/her bitcoin wallet address in the Bank Account section of his/her profile.


Do you still have questions?
Mail via Ladina@wakanda.ng or call us on +2347069694497.

Welcome to wakanda Nation; Happy unlimited Earnings!

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    Wakanda Nation is an online news forum that pays you for your activities online.
    *We pay you to share our news on Facebook, to login daily into your account, to comment on our posts and for referring anyone to our website.*

    Stop wasting your time and data on Facebook, join us now and earn money!

    *WE PAY YOU:*

    1. N50 daily for login into your wakanda Account.
    2. N50 per each of our sponsored news you share on your facebook wall.
    3. N1 for every Valid comment you drop anywhere on our website.
    4. N1,000 per each person you refer to join our website. (Referral is optional)
    5. You earn N100 per post you upload (maximum of 5 post per day)
    6. You earn N1000 if your the first person to share post
    7.you earn 500 if your the second person to share sponsored post
    8. You earn N200 if you're the third person to share sponsored post
    9. You can earn up to N30,000 weekly!

    *All your earnings are paid directly to your Bank account every Sund _ay!*

    Wakanda is registered company 👇👇👇👇👇
    CAC NO: BN-2558110.
    Click here to register


    *Activation fee is N1,300 one time payment*

    *You have to activate your account so that you can see your referal link and earn N100 per post, remember if you didn't pay N1,300 you can't see sponsored post to share*

  2. Pls does wakanda pay free members

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