How to Cartoon Your Picture Using Picsart (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)


Finally the tutorial on HOW TO CARTOON PICTURES USING PICSART has been dropped.

I started cartooning pictures with Picsart a long time ago but never had the chance to share it with others online thou I’ve been planning to compose the tutorial since and here it is today.

But before we get started make sure you have Picsart in your Android Phone, if not DOWNLOAD HERE

NOTE: Picsart latest version uses data but in order to save your data, save this page before following the processes used in cartooning pictures.

STEP 1: Open/Launch your Picsart App.
STEP 2: You’ll see something familiar with the one in the image below. Click Draw.

STEP 3: You’ll see BLANK, PHOTO, BACKGROUND and OPEN DRAFT, Click Photo as shown in the image below

STEP 4: After Clicking PHOTO you will be directed to your Gallery, there you will select any Picture of your choice.

STEP 5: You will see the image you selected with a scale used to resize an image. Just Click the Good button at the top right corner of your phone screen..

STEP 6: In the image below, the icon covered with a red border is used for color picking.

STEP 7: When you click it, you will see different colors. For example the BLACK color is used to paint Hairs and  Orange color for skin etc. see below

STEP 8: 

In the above image, the icon covered with red border is known as the pencil.
The Pencil is used for sketching and painting also.

When you click it you’ll see something like this (in the below picture)

The size of the pencil in the image is 23px while the opacity is 100% which you are going to reduce the size of the pencil only.
Normally the size for sketching is 2px – 4px all is choice but 2px is recommended if you want it to look neat. After reducing the size click SET.


In the image above, the icon covered with red border is used for cleaning/erasing of paints whenever you make a mistake. When you click it, it will direct you to where you’ll select the size you want the cleaner/eraser to be then press SET after that.

STEP 10: The icon covered with red button in the below image is used for dragging and zooming of image for easier sketching and painting. See Below

STEP 11:

We won’t need the icons covered with red border for coloring so I will skip their uses to save your time.

STEP 12: Here’s where the main lesson starts, Zoom the image you want to sketch after you’ve reduced the size of the pencil to 2px or 4px.

Sketch your hair for example like that in the image below

That’s the sketching I’ve been talking about; you will do this (sketch) in every part you want to paint.

STEP 13: After Sketching the hair, click the icon covered with red border then increase the size of the pencil to 10 or more, this is for the painting process. When you are done increasing the size just click SET then zoom in the picture in order not to make mistakes while painting it. See it in the image below

Just cool down and be painting the hairs, when you’re done it’ll look like this below

This is how you’re going to do the others e.g Like in Hair, you sketched before painting. You’ll do this in the EYE, FACE, and EYE BROWS etc. The only difference is that you’ll be changing colors should incase you wanted to paint the EYE, you will be needing WHITE.

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